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I really love Carmilla. Study Guide for Carmilla. Carmilla study guide contains a biography of Joseph Le Fanu, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Strong Essays words ( pages) Victorian Sexuality in Stoker’s Dracula, LeFanu’s Carmilla, and Polidori’s Vampyre - Victorian Sexuality in Stoker’s Dracula, LeFanu’s Carmilla, and Polidori’s Vampyre Literature is representative of the.

CARMILLA Le Fanu PROLOGUE Upon a paper attached to the Narrative which follows, Doctor Hesselius has written a rather elaborate note, which he accompanies with a reference to his Essay on the strange subject which the MS illuminates.

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SHORT STORY: Carmilla. AUTHOR: Sheridan Le Fanu. This short story penned during the Victorian era by Sheridan Le Fanu is sort of a prelude to all other vampire based stories that are written after it, especially the novel ‘Dracula’ by Bram Stoker.

ACHILLES, Jochen. Sheridan Le Fanu und die schauerromantische tradition: Zur Psychologischen funktion der motrivik von sensationsroman und geister ge-schichte.

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Conference Theme: From Carmilla to Drusilla: Vampires Across Popular Culture The IVFAF, in association with Seton Hill University and Edinburgh Napier University, calls for papers by scholars interested in presenting their researched essays on vampire literature and film in the academic symposium that runs alongside the festival in Transylvania.

Essays on carmilla
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