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Sophocles - Antigone

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Judging from his plays, Sophocles took a conservative view on augury and prophecy; the oracles in the Oedipus Trilogy speak truly — although obliquely — as an unassailable authority.

Indeed, this voice of the gods — the expression of their divine will — represents a powerful, unseen force throughout the Oedipus Trilogy. In the play Antigone by Sophocles, Antigone chooses to abide by the laws of the Gods rather than the precepts of the mortals.

Although Antigone's actions were rash and often disputable, she does the right thing by deciding to follow her individual conscience rather than obeying the laws of the state.

The Consequences Of Antigone’s Rebellion Essay Example

Mike Newsham. ENG Prof. E. Joy. Critical Essay #1. Antigone the Hero. In the play Antigone, I believe Sophocles purposely depicts Antigone as a skayra.comne portrays extremely courageous qualities, and definitely fights for what she believes in.

In addition to the essay that suggested Ismene and Haemon are foils who contrast with Antigone but also show that she is loved, other essays point out that Antigone and Creon are both proud and stubborn and another essay adds irrational.

Throughout the play, the difference between Creon and Antigone is vividly shown. By the end of the play, Antigone, it is evident that a total of five characters have lost their lives.3/5(2).

Sophocless antigone essay
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